A New Start

My life hasn’t been easy. Especially, my love life. When things start to look up, something always brings it down. It can be hard to look at life through a hypothetical optimistic lens. With all the heart break, it can be difficult to realize that someday I’ll win big and all of my dreams will come true. The pain can make one become a bit jaded and untrusting of the possibilities of the future.

Though, this is my chance to start anew. I may think that finding a new love and getting married may allow me to close one stage of my life and begin a new one. That may be true. But, for now, I have to focus on myself and getting to the point of finding that new love. I’m almost a twenty year old girl who’s a sophomore in university. I have time to figure things out; to figure out what I really want. 

Until then, I will write about my dreams, my hopes, my ups and downs. I will write things from poetry to stories… The secrets of my heart.

Time to start anew.


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