To Dylan : My best guy friend.

Ever since we first met,

nothing’s ever been the same.

When life gets hard,

I think of your faith in me

and I’m able to smile.

Over so few months,

you’ve come to mean 

the world to me.

I don’t know why;

I don’t know how.

All I know is that 

you have.



for the sake of

our friendship,

I will never cross the line.

I’ll leave that up to you.

I would never want to risk losing you,

like I have others.


You give me faith in men,

in myself.

You keep me strong,

even when the doubts in my head

seem strong.

You keep a smile on my lips

even when the tears are flowing.

You’re my best friend.


You’re the one I can turn to.

No matter what.

You never tell me what I 

want to hear. 

You tell me what I need

to hear.

And for that…

I am grateful. 


Thank you…

for everything you’ve done

and everything you will


you’re pure of heart –

don’t ever lose that 





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