Fresh Hope

Sometimes life works in mysterious ways and after not going in your favor for so long, things finally start working out. All you have to do is to have a little faith and let Karma work its magic. 

Today has been an amazing day and it’s not even noon yet. And it started the other day, when I finally decided to just relinquish control of trying to find a relation to Fate and Destiny. Within in hours of deciding that, I got a Facebook message from a guy named Kyle Richmond who I had talked to back in May. Even then, we had hit it off really well. He actually cared about my troubles instead of pushing them aside like most people did. We finally exchanged numbers and have been texting ever since. 

What’s been incredible is that in that message, he called me ‘baby’. At first, I was a bit insulted, considering how he had disappeared for what seemed so long and now he was back. Though, after expressing that and my fear of him having found someone better, he said “mercy no. I missed you, baby.” And with that, my heart skipped a beat. He missed me.

For the past two and half days, he’s called me ‘baby’ and yesterday he said he loved me. Though it was more of “love you”. Today, however, I asked if we should make this official since I’m pretty much his and he asked if I would be his forever. When I said ‘yeah, I will be’, he responded with “I love you, baby”.

I’ve been smiling so much today. I’m happy. I’m in love. I think things are finally looking up for me. Good Karma. I’ve been dealt my fair share of bad, so to speak. Seems like the Universe has finally seen it fit to make something good happen in my life. And with a guy who actually lives in town. Which means, once we finally set a time, I’ll be able to see him.

It feels so nice to actually know that I’m loved and to be texted in the morning with “morning baby”. It’s definitely a lot different than what I’m used to. It’s so great, so relieving. I really hope this works out.

I love you, Kyle. ❤


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