My Grown Up Christmas List

There are twenty-two days left until Christmas Day and twenty-one days left till Christmas Eve. Downtown, the trees are covered with lights and the lamp posts swirled in velvet ribbons. In every store, Christmas music is playing, keeping shoppers in the spirit. Soon exams will be upon all university students and after that, they will be free to spend their Winter Holidays as they will.

Growing up, every child wrote a Christmas list and/or a letter to Santa, detailing what they wanted under the Christmas tree come Christmas Day. Now that I’m 20, I tell what I would like to my parents and they choose what they think is best and it is always pretty spot on. This year, while I would like a couple materialistic things, the rest of what I would like isn’t something that can be bought. However, I shall go through each thing in detail.

Christmas List:

Materialistic Items

  • To start off with, I would like at least another Just Dance game for the Wii. Either the ballet one or the Broadway one. Honestly, I leaning towards Broadway. Although the ballet looks fun, I found the Broadway game first and I’ve got my heart set on it. Besides, it’d help gain P.A, which is always a plus, right?
  • I would also like a pair of tickets to go see a Broadway show on tour. Last year, my parents got me tickets to go see Les Misérables and I saw it with Danae. That was incredible. Because that was such an amazing gift, especially after having gallbladder surgery, I would like something like that again. Perhaps tickets to go see The Lion King or The Book of Mormon, which is coming to Louisville next year. (Hint, hint; wink, wink)
  • At the current moment, I cannot think of anything else I would like. I could easily list so many things but, in the end, my lists are so small because half the things are items I could buy on my own.

Non materialistic

  •  For my first non-material thing, I would like to drop more weight over the Winter break. Of course, that means keeping up with the meals and the P.A and shakes all the time – No slacking off, just like I didn’t for Thanksgiving.
  • The second thing, is love. You know, having a boyfriend to keep you company and do all those cutesy couple Christmas things with? Yes, I want that. ImageWhy? I’ve never had a boyfriend to spend Christmas with. It’s a bit surprising, considering I’ve had like… 7 boyfriends in the past four years. Only with one did I spend a day post Christmas with but, not on. So, it doesn’t count. Besides, it was a horrible idea. But, I’d like a boyfriend to be able to cuddle up with and watch Christmas films with and go ice skating with and go to a corner coffeehouse with.
  • Being kissed under the mistletoe. Of course, this would require the above wish. Sure I could kiss someone elseImage but, it’s mistletoe, something romantic. Not just anyone will do.
  • Being kissed on New Year’s Eve. In New York. Okay, to be realistic, the New York bit won’t happen this year but, maybe the kiss? ImageEven if it’s by a close friend? Even then, it’d be something special. Though, Dylan would say to save it for the one I love. But, I have no idea who that is… well, technically I do but, I think he may be out of the picture.
  • The final thing, for Michael to be completely healthy. He’s just had open heart surgery, which scared me and he’s now out of it and resting. My wish is to know that he’s well on his way to recovery and won’t have any scares again.

However much I may want the non materialistic things, the chances of getting them before Christmas is… well, small. If anything I’ll find someone to talk to but, not actually claim as my boyfriend. Honestly, a visit from James would be nice during this time as well but, I haven’t heard back from him in months so, I’ve kind of given up on that idea. Until the year when I can get what I truly want, I’ll spend Christmas with family and my dearest and most wonderful friends.



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