A Heart Full of Love

Yes, the title of this post is a song from Les Misérables. It’s very suited for this.

Isn’t it funny how someone can go from a complete stranger, to someone you talk to every night, to someone who you’re slowly falling in love with? Just last week, I was broken and tears fell like a waterfall. Now, I’m once again dreaming of a happy marriage, a dog and a family of my own. It’s not just anyone who can bring these dreams to me. I won’t let just anyone. But, he isn’t just anyone.

I know I fall in love too fast and, I know I’ve said this before but, this time… there’s just something about him that makes me believe in every promise he’s kept. Though, the fact he bought the promise rings yesterday help too. They really are beautiful.

Inscription: Forever Love

Inscription: Forever Love

However, what’s nice about this, is that it’s also going slow. Which, contradicts what I’ve just said, I realize but, it’s not like we’re moving in together next week. He’s in South Carolina currently and planning to come visit for Christmas.

It’s nice to have this. He’s already said he wants to marry me (get engaged) on our one year anniversary. Pretty sweet.

What’s funny about this, is that, it’s his cousin that wanted me first. I didn’t return the feelings. I have standards and the cousin did not fit them. However, he does. He’s a poet too. An added plus.

“The way I think of you is like a rose

and my love for you is like an ocean

it stretches from the North to the South,

and East to West.

Your eyes are beautiful

like the stars that shine so bright in the sky

and your smile is like the sunset.

You run through my mind like a boat in the ocean

and the captain saying full speed ahead.

When I don’t see you

my heart does S.O.S

and says where is she?

Is she ever coming back

or do I have to sink in this boat all by myself?”

I think he’s a keeper so far. 🙂


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