An another ending, time for a new beginning.

Sometimes you have do what’s right for you, even at the expense of hurting others. He seemed good but, after so much pressuring and not enough seriousness and understanding, I couldn’t take it anymore. Already buying me expensive things? No. My love can’t be bought. It’s earned. No matter how attractive you might be.

I’m sorry, Chad. I really am. But, I couldn’t do it anymore. A pounding head and you’re asking me for webcam sex? Is that really the right thing to do? The fair thing? No, it’s not. this is why I’m gone, this is why I’m pulling the disappearing act that’s been pulled on me so many times. Though, at least I had the decency to send you a message via Skype explaining things. Though, now you can’t contact me. I’ve changed the name for your number so I won’t be answering at all.

Stay in North Carolina, or wherever you are. Don’t come to kentucky. I won’t want to see you.

I am sorry.

But, this is goodbye.


I have to find someone better, someone who understands the word “no” when I say it. Which, you clearly don’t. I don’t appreciate being used for your sexual release.



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