A Weekend Won

From 11 something to about 3am last night, I oovoo’ed with James for the first time since September, according to the chat history. It was really nice seeing his face and hearing his voice. I nearly forgot how much he makes me laugh and smile. It’s one of the things I love about him. That even though we have a romantic past and now we’re friends, we can still joke on a level that most people may not get. Something about him makes me feel like an equal. He’s silly and pulls these faces that are so readable. Image

However, that is not the point of this post.

While camming last night, he said I won a full weekend in the Spring or Summer of him being my sex slave as long as he’s in my room and, if he.. cums inside me and I’m not on bc, he’s not responsible for the repercussions.

How it would be if he came.

How it would be if he came.

At least, if his current plans pan out.

If they don’t, and I’m not on bc, he’ll cum in me and be responsible for what happens.

Meaning, that I do end up becoming pregnant, he would marry me. He says so he wouldn’t have a bastard child but, I hope it would also be because he still loves me in some way. Well, I know he does. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be “friends with benefits” or something.

However… knowing my luck, by the time he’s able to visit, he’ll have a ring on his finger. But, I’m really hoping that for once I win…that for once, I’ll get the person I that I love.

Though, it feels good that he knows why I’m still holding onto him. And surprisingly, he actually feels sorry that I can’t find anyone who’ll treat me right and not constantly demand sexual acts from me. Even if he’s thinking them or asks them, he respects when I say “no” and won’t push it. It’s something I’ve been wanting to tell him for awhile but never got the chance to.

So, thank you, James.

I hope that whatever happens, I’ll at least get to see you in person again. I really do miss you.


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