When did love become so confusing? Oh. Right, when I turned 16. Damn, too many conflicts.

I know I said a couple days ago that I was still in love with James. And, I am. but, I’ve finally met Robert and it was really really nice. After talking and hanging for half an hour, he kissed me while we were having a playful argument. It was quite the amazing kiss and now I’m just confused. As strong as my feelings are for James, my feelings for Robert have become even stronger than they used to be now that i’ve gotten to hug him and spend time with him.

ImageHe’s got a wonderful voice to listen to, even though he doesn’t like it, and he’s incredibly sweet. Just as he’s been through messages. It’s actually really nice that he’s taller than me because he can do that cute thing of rest his chin on my head when we’re hugging and I’m able to feel his heart. He’s also got these beautiful eyes that make my heart flutter each time he looks at me.

I’ve yet to talk to him since yesterday but, curious to know what I am to him now after… well. I  won’t elaborate on it. I’d like to know what I am now after we’ve made out several times and I have the light bruises on my neck to prove it.

He did say a long time ago that he wanted to be able to hug me first before going any further than friends. But, now that we’ve done more than just hug…? I’ve no idea. The suspense is killing me. I do love him loads and, if given a chance, I could be really happy being his girl. He’s nothing like Cassie’s boyfriend said he was. I’ve gotten to know him over months and months and now in person. He’s a wonderful guy, with whom I enjoy spending time with.

Whatever happens now, I’ll be fine and happy with it as long as he stays a part of my life. He’s important to me. Even if he denies that he is, as he always does.


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