Acceptance of Award Nomination

Seven (7) Interesting Things About Myself:

First, I was born in Lima, Peru 20 years ago and brought to the United States because my biological family couldn’t take care of me. I’ve lived in Kentucky since then and though many people say they hate Kentucky or that the US in general is completely fucked up, I’m thankful to be living here, instead where I could have been living.


Second, since I was about 3 or 4, I have been singing non-professionally and semi-professionally in children’s choirs and on my own. To put it simply, music is quite literally my life. Not only do I listen to it but, I sing it, play it and read it.


Third, I graduated from Bryan Station High School and the Spanish Immersion Program with the ability to speak fluently in Spanish and the opportunity to study in Spain if I wished. Also, related, I was in said program for 13 years by the time I started college.

Bryan Station

Fourth, I love animals. Throughout my life, I’ve had five cats, a dog, two fish and two hamsters. Of course, they weren’t all mine but, the cats and the dog definitely preferred me to the other members of my family. As soon as I can, I plan to get a puppy from the local animal shelter to fulfill a dream I’ve had and raise and have my very own dog for many years.

IMG_1332 IMG_1093

Fifth, while I am from Peru and that makes me Peruvian, I am not a pure blood — so to speak. Because of my physical features: straight black hair, almond shaped eyes and light brown skin, and the little knowledge my mother has of my birthfather, I am either half or a quarter Japanese. Either way, the reason is, is that Peru has the largest Japanese population in the world outside of Japan.

Sixth, I am currently a student of The University of Kentucky, slowly earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish. No surprise there, huh? Well, it was my intention to become a Vocal Performance (singing) major but, I kept missing auditions, thanks to one of the heads of department consistently emailing me about them after they had passed. However, currently, I am entertaining the idea of majoring in Dance. Although, it will be a completely worthless major in the future, it’s something I love. Though, it may also become a minor, depending on how things work out.


Seventh, and most important, I have the most amazing guy friends a girl could ask for. My best friend Michael Anderson became a part of my life this past March and we clicked so well that it feels as if we’ve known each other for ages. We understand one another to the point where we could be siblings. Of course, we’re not. He lives in California and is 6′ something, half Caucasian and half Mexican while, I’m …well, not. My other dear friend is Dylan Alvarado. We’ve been friends since November of last year and he’s been really great despite the rough patches we’ve had. Another friend is a crush as well: Robert Philpott. We’ve been friends online since.. I’ve no idea, second semester of freshman year? We finally met in person a couple weeks ago and it was like magic. We literally picked up where we were online but in person. Nothing was different, except that I could actually hug him.



Though, ironically, despite having these wonderful guys in my life, I’ve struggled to find a guy who’s completely willing to let me have a chance to love him and him love me, despite my shortcomings. Pero, que puedo hacer?  Nothing, except be patient, at least try to be and, keep up hope.

Also, I want to again thank @Prinze Charming for nominating me. It really does mean a lot since I didn’t actually think this blog would do much or amount to anything, save an online journal for me to write down my thoughts.


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