Christmas Eve

Well, everyone, it is officially Christmas Eve. It’s the day that small children await anxiously for Santa Clause to come silently down their chimney late at night to fill their stocks and place presents under the tree.

For my family, it’s the day we go up to Southern Ohio to visit  family for several hours and at some point the kids put on a mini Christmas pageant and they say a Christmas Prayer. The poor kids. They’ve been told to pray, even though they do it willing.

To my family, Christmas seems to be about celebrating Jesus’s birthday…with cake and stuff. Which, I’ve never quite understood. Isn’t Christmas about being with family and friends. Perhaps it’s just me and Richie who aren’t into the whole religious aspect of Christmas. Though, what can I do? Just put up with it, I suppose.

The part that’s really going to hurt is seeing all the couples tonight and tomorrow. It sucks being single during the  holidays. Even my closest friends, Natty and Mikey seem to be caught up in their relationships this year. I’ve only heard from Mikey once this past weekend and not a word from Nataly. I guess I’m the extra wheel. :/ I was really hoping this would be the year where I wouldn’t be single. Guess I was wrong.

To top it off, I’m probably not getting the puppy I’ve been wanting… Much less a new phone since mine’s dying slowly. Honestly, if I got a puppy and nothing else, I’d be ecstatic. A puppy would mean so much more than anything else. Having a puppy to call your best friend and faithful companion is priceless. And I could train it to help out when my headaches get really bad, which isn’t often but, I’m sure the dog could be trained to get medicine or to just stand by if I feel dizzy.

Also, a puppy would give me more reason to go walking and get P.A in since  I’m not longer doing HMR. Walking the furry thing would help me get to a point where I could run again, without much discomfort, which is what I want.

Though, either way, I suppose we’ll have to see. If I don’t get a puppy for Christmas, perhaps I can talk to my parents about the benefits of me having one. I can think of so many. And the excuse of “it’ll scratch the walls!” won’t fly. That can be trained out.

Well, until then…!

Happy Christmas, everyone. 🙂 Oh and, to all Les Misérables fans out there: One day more!


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