My Marine.



10 months ago, I had been falling in love with Josh. However, due to life screwing me over, he left, even after I begged and pleaded and even went so low as suggesting being friends with benefits (which happened for a short time anyway via text, fucking ass). I was so depressed I thought I would never get over him. Then in late December, I started talking to a Marine named Brandon. At first I was merely interested in his military status. In no way am I tag chaser. After talking to him for a week, I started crushing on him and one day he said “You’re basically my perfect type.” It killed me that I didn’t know what he meant exactly. I actually tried to push him away because I was so convinced that he’d never see me as more than a friend. 

Then a few days ago, the 7th of January, I finally asked him what he meant. And he said he’d like to have me as a girlfriend but he was afraid it wouldn’t be fair because he’s so far away. After telling him that as much as I dislike distances, I always told myself that I’d be willing to try if it was with the right person. And if he was willing to try… He jumped in and said, “I’m willing to work on it.” 

I’m falling for him more and more very day. And the fact that he’s loved me since day one, has just made me so happy. He’s so amazing. And sweet, and romantic. He loves me for who I am, even when I’ve had an anxiety attack. He loves me, the woman underneath the pain. Last night, he said he wants to live with me and marry me. It might be really soon, but he’s so wonderful. He’s seen the side of me that is not always happy and he still loves me. I sang for him last night and he cried. I wanted to hug and kiss him so badly. 

Hopefully I’ll be able to see him on my Spring Break. If he asks me to marry him then, i swear it would make my life. I would be the happiest girl in the world.


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